Oculus Rift “Sky Dive” experience

Tonight team Specialmoves were at the Test Lab at Wired2013. We were invited to demonstrate our work with the Oculus Rift and in true Specialmoves style, built an entire app and experience in 2 weeks, specially for the event.


(thank you Jeremy from Wired Magazine for giving it a test run!)


I’ll let someone more technical than me write a proper tech post, but essentially -

The user is wearing an Oculus Rift VR headset. We built an app in Unity which shows the headset wearer a scene  - of dropping gradually through clouds, across London and ultimately landing on a large red and white target at Tobacco Dock, where Wired2013 is being held.

In order to reach the target, the person sitting in the hammock chair, suspended with their feet off the floor, uses their own body weight to shift the seat from left to right. This movement impacts on the iPhone, cunningly attached to the bar over their head, which then acts as steering within the app (via the iPhone’s gyroscope), allowing them to navigate left and right towards the target.

Some sound effects via headphones and the obligatory giant fan, and virtual reality sky-diving the experience was complete!

One guest who actually had been sky-diving, said it was “just like the real thing”.

With spectators able to “see” what the Oculus wearer was experiencing (on the iMac, left-of-screen), a crowd soon formed to photo, video, tweet and have a go themselves.


The biggest challenge of the night was not the technology (which worked perfectly), but on working out who in the large crowd that had gathered was next in line for their turn!

Well done Team Specialmoves (particularly Rik, Gav, Christophe and of course Pascal) on a fine job and a great experience for our visitors at Wired2013 Test Lab.

Specialmoves will be at Wired2013, in the Test Lab all day tomorrow from 08:00 til 18:00 for those lucky enough to have tickets to the conference.

(but there will be videos posted on our website in due course..)

If you’d like to talk to us about this or similar projects, please drop us a line.



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